Alan Bachmura

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Company Name
Robert Half Legal
Direct Phone Number
480-519-2400 - 602-977-0505 -
Company Website
Recruiting Manager
Areas where we provide service
All of Arizona
What size practice is ideal for you to serve?
1-10 employees
11-50 employees
51-100 employees
100+ employees
Who do you normally interact with providing your service?
Managing Partner/Partner
Individual Attorneys/Associates
Business Manager / Firm Administrator
What are you doing to get your open positions in front of the right people in this tight employment market? How are you identifying and verifying candidates to isolate the "best match" candidates for your company or Firm? How much time are you spending on recruiting, and what other areas and responsibilities is this affecting? "have you considered the overall costs in revenue and time of your current hiring process? What if I told you, My team can do this for you and provide you Prequalified, fully verified, Legal Talent based on your specifications, and there is no cost to you until you make your hire. All Candidates will come with a 90 day guarantee, There is no risk!
Company Info
Robert Half Legal, the premier legal employment agency, providing highly skilled legal professionals on a temporary, project and full-time basis to law firms and corporate legal departments. With North American and global locations, we offer a wide range of legal staffing and consulting services to help organizations manage constantly changing workloads and access expertise across in-demand legal practice areas.

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