Barbara Woyak

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Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert
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602 - 329 - 6655
Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert
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1-10 employees
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51-100 employees
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Managing Partner/Partner
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I am a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert. What that means is I have the training, education and experience to provide expert level Real Estate services to Family Law Attorneys, mediators and collaborators. I can be called as an expert witness on real estate matters or appointed as an expert in Family Law cases. A Real estate transaction can be emotionally charged, adding a divorce to the mixture makes it doubly so. My job is to collaborate with family law professionals to ensure that a divorcing couple has the best possible outcome when untangling the legal, financial and emotional ties to their house. One of the value added services that we offer is a document portal where real estate related documents can be requested at no cost to your case.
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