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Joan Claire Coaching
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I help managing partners of mid-size law firms increase attorney productivity by 20% in 3 months and build collaborative, effective teams.
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Attorney Coach & Trusted Advisor to Law Firm Managing Partners
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11-50 employees
51-100 employees
100+ employees
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Managing Partner/Partner
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I can save your legal team tremendous time, energy, and money by helping every team member, in as little as 6 weeks, understand how they self-sabotage through their thinking, using my research-backed mental fitness program, for long-term practice and growth. I offer this program to individuals, working 1:1 or in groups. I also help law firm teams learn and practice an effective, collaborative way of working together, which increases engagement, productivity, innovation, and profitability. See below for more info.
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I help law firm managing partners unleash leadership potential, resolve intra-firm conflict, and foster collaborative, high-impact law firms. With a profound understanding of the distinctive hurdles managing partners face, I've crafted “The Aligned Law Firm: Amplify Your Team’s Vision and Become Outstanding Leaders” coaching program, custom-tailored to your needs, and designed for your success. I can also help you if you are hitting a wall helping your most talented legal team members overcome certain performance challenges, due to team members’ reluctance to self-reflect with you, the person who signs their paycheck. Let's explore how I can help you in this important attorney development role you have, as your trusted advisor.

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