Marc Bernstein, MD

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Medical Intelligence Consultants, LLC
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216 - 402 - 9252
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1-10 employees
11-50 employees
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Managing Partner/Partner
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Since its inception, Medical Intelligence Consultants has provided litigation support to medical malpractice attorneys (both plaintiff and defense) as well as personal injury, disability, and divorce attorneys. Medical Intelligence Consultants has a team of medical specialists and healthcare professionals whose only mission is to provide timely, accurate, in-depth consultation in all specialties of medicine for the entire duration of the litigation. Medical Intelligence Consultants was created to fill a void in medical legal litigation. Very busy in their clinical practices, medical experts frequently cannot be responsive to attorneys’ time-sensitive needs in litigation. In many conversations with attorneys, a recurrent frustration is, “I can’t get in touch with my experts; they are always too busy to get back to me, and our nurse paralegals are available, but they often lack the depth of knowledge that we need to answer our questions.” Medical Intelligence Consultants was established in 2012 to remedy these issues, creating the new paradigm of the “medical consultant.” While we are located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, we provide services to clients nationwide.
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We are involved in the entire litigation process to best accommodate your needs. Areas of Law Supported: Medical malpractice attorneys (plaintiff or defense) Personal injury attorneys Disability attorneys Divorce attorneys Healthcare attorneys Services provided: Initial meeting with legal team: conference call or in person, whichever works best for your team In-depth case review and analysis: medical record review, best practices literature review, case summary and presentation of findings Educating Attorneys on Pertinent Medical Issues: - “Med School 101” educating the litigation team on critical medical issues Assistance with Sourcing of Experts for Testimony: sourcing experts for depositions and trial testimony Deposition support: pre-deposition preparation and deposition transcript review, including both friendly and opposing expert testimony Assistance Creating Content for Jury Presentations: assisting litigation strategic communication consultants with medical content Attendance at Trial: in person or remote attendance at depositions and trials for real-time consultation

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