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Managing a law firm with vendors who understand the legal field and your needs is what you’ve been wishing for all this time. Well… We’re HERE!

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Dozens of vetted, experienced, referenced-checked, legal-specific professionals to help you build and maintain your practice.

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Who should use our services?

Office managers, paralegals, legal assistants, owners

Law firm office managers, managing partners/owners, partners, and associates who believe they can improve the firm or their own performance by leveraging outside professional support that can supplement staff or provide a fresh perspective.

If you find yourself wondering:

  • What else is “out there” and how do other firms work less and earn more than my firm?
  • How can I get the staff to work more effectively on high return activities?
  • Can I automate some aspect of my practice?
  • What am I missing working with in-house personnel only vs. outsourcing some of this work?
  • Is my compliance strategy working in the best interests of my clients?
  • Am I promoting the firm and myself effectively?

If the Firm Team doesn’t have the exact resource you need, we’ll find it for you!

What’s the next step?

The Firm Team is an entity built out of many individuals and companies that provide professional services to lawyers and law firms. We are happy to sponsor legal-related events and help the legal community when possible. Contact us for sponsorship requests.

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