Setting up and Managing Your Firm Team Account

How do I set up my account?

Logging on for the first time will take you to the Dashboard bar for your account.  Click “Edit Profile” and enter the appropriate information.  You must complete all the information fields including a photo of yourself.   Once all the information is entered, click the Save Changed button at the bottom.   The next step is to add an optional logo, video, and call to action.

How do I add a logo, video, and call to action?

The logo, video, and call to action tabs are on the Dashboard bar.  Adding these are optional but highly recommended to make your brand stand out.

You can add your company logo under the “Company Logo” tab.  The “Add Video” tab is where your will add/delete any video clips you wish to present.  Videos play from either You Tube or Vimeo and both those services provide a link (URL) you can paste into the Video Link field after giving your video a title.

The “Call to Action” tab let’s you choose one of four calls to action at the bottom of your profile.  You can instruct the viewer to call you or clicking the Call to Action button to email you, request an appointment via email, or get more information from another site on the web.

How do I view/change my membership status?

Your membership status appears next to your picture on the Dashboard bar.  If you are on a trial membership note that it will expire after 30 days.  You can upgrade your membership under the “Membership” tab, learn about the benefits of each level, and select the level appropriate for you.  All your membership activity can be viewed under the “My Transaction” tab.

Why do I have to upgrade?

The purpose of the trial membership is to introduce you to the Firm Team to see if it makes business and personal sense for you.  This is a paid membership community where we offer value to the members and charge for that value.  Compared to other business networking groups the Firm Team offers the most comprehensive benefits for those that market their services to and support the legal community.